Hey everyone,

I'm starting a new blog today! I'm generally starting over in alot of things and so I'm changing blogs... The blog should be mostly about knitting and all things creative, american series and generally my starting over (new job, new town...) in alot of areas very soon.

My history ? Born in Wales, brought up in England and in France, working in Reims (for the moment ;-) ) in automotive industry. I love all things international and particularly like a room where loads of languages are being spoken !

My friends ? One's in Germany, another in Brittany, then Lille, Rouen. Got work collegues in Porto and in Benicassim... international huh ?!

Tried recently to set up a knitting business but I'm putting that on hold because of financial issues... we'll see about that after all these potential changes about to happen.

So, I hope that got your interest and you'll come back often to have a look at my knittings in progress!