30 septembre 2007

Socks, I'm in a sock mood !

This could be overwhelming for day number one but here you are : I'm in a sock mood, I think sock, I breath sock, I dream sock... but I haven't started knitting them yet and I'm not even sure I have the right needles. To be honnest, I only have one sock to my name and I'm not even putting a photo of that just yet! It was a marathon 'cos I got the heel wrong had to "frog it" as the american/canadiens say (I would say I had to undo it and start again!) and it's still without twin sock !!! So, on Thursday, I went to Paris... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2007

Beige gipsy pullover

Hey again, Here is my project in progress : OK that's just a sleeve and only sleeve number one (don't you find it's a drag to knit the second sleeve ?!)This is what it's supposed to look like finished : So the back and the front are done, sleeve number one should be finished by this evening and then it's all up to fate !
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30 septembre 2007

Starting over

Hey everyone, I'm starting a new blog today! I'm generally starting over in alot of things and so I'm changing blogs... The blog should be mostly about knitting and all things creative, american series and generally my starting over (new job, new town...) in alot of areas very soon. My history ? Born in Wales, brought up in England and in France, working in Reims (for the moment ;-) ) in automotive industry. I love all things international and particularly like a room where loads of languages are being spoken ! My friends ?... [Lire la suite]
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