Hey !

As I said, what a week! It started OK, had a great Monday morning, then I left work woth my boss to go have a meeting at one of the nearby (1,5 hour drive away) factories. That's when it got bad : he didn't seem to want to talk about anything not even work related subjects... then we had a crappy sandwich and the meeting was awful : I tried, I really did try to say intelligent things only he kept interrupting me! Then he gave me his keys to go fetch something from his car and didn't thank me for that. So we left the factory and because he doesn't live where we work he left me at the train station so I ended up spending 4,5 hours on a trip that could have taken just 2 !!! Couldn't knit in the train, I had neighbours and the seats are narrow.

So then on Tuesday had to get up at 3:30 to catch a plane in Paris... to go to Tunisia wow! My first time out of Europe!!! Quite exciting so I tried to forget about my boss...
In Tunisia (and all muslim countries), it's Ramadan right now which means they can't eat from about 6:00 to 19:15; no eating, no drinking, no touching each other, no smoking... so they adapt work hours to 7:00 to 15:00 which means I got up at 5:00 every day and 'cos we went out to eat at a normal time no sleeping time! I'm not moaning, I'm just explaining how back I am in sleep.
Apart from not being a sleep place, it's very nice, we had lots of sun and it was alot warmer than in France and the people are nice... oh and the food!

But a few really good things did happen :
- A lady from human ressources called and said I could have an interview for a cool job
- The job interview in Paris last week came through and I am going back on the 15th
- I got to swim in the hotel's pool every evening after work

And one bad thing happened : no time for knitting so nothing to show you

So I'm off to eat and then knit my way through this lovely sunny Saturday afternoon