Here I am proud to present is my friend Mr Sleeve 2!


He's been knitted on and off for ... well over a week ! How did that happen ? so much time going by ???
I think I can answer that : there's alot going on in my life. There's all of the job interview stuff and the business trips ... and talking on the phone to my Mum and my friends about the job interviews and the trips and potentiel boyfriend stuff (lol).

So, just in case you're interested which you could be because it will affect my knitting and blogging time:
- The really cool job seems to be coming along nicely : had another interview and am going for another next Monday and seeing the guy who does it for the moment tomorrow afternoon to find out what exactly he does (it's always nice to know what you're getting yourself into!!!)
- The other job is still in the same state : going also on Monday for 2nd interview
The 15th October is going to be some day for little me and my needles and probably my cheque book.. that's because when I go to Paris I try to combine a trip to a new and undiscovered yarn shop which is always lethal... you know the way loads and loads of ideas come to you when the yarn whispers : "remember that lovely free pattern stashed in your favorite websites tab? I would be perfect" So then, I go and ask the lady how much it is, sigh internally thinking I must have done something to deserve to (over)fill my now enormous stash, and just pay her for it !

Oh, and yes very proud of these too:


They are yes "crêpes" and are delicious.... I got inspired yesterday evening because I forgot to buy yeast for making bread (do not get alarmed, my bread machine makes it all by itself) so thought that I needed to get creative for breakfast. And the jar next to the pancakes (ok I'll give it to you, it's not on the picture!!! fun that heh ?!!!!) is my very own home made "compote" which probably translates as apple, rhubarb and cinnamon puree. I was very chuffed that all pots are hemetically sealed (Granny does it instinctively: I looked at the jars with mucho apprehension!)

Ok, back to knitting and crappy american tv ciao ciao xx