... went by.

What a week: On Monday I was up in a factory up North (of France for new-comers) so I got up early and got home not so late for once plus my day went well because our tests worked out great! Then Tuesday was a pretty normal day but Wednesday went on forever I had to get a train for Paris which left at 6:45 so that was an early start, then I had the interview for the really cool job and I caught a plane (or rather 2 planes) to Slovakia (the coolest place on earth... ok NOT !!!) and got to the hotel at 01:00. That was actually an epic trip especially as I decided to go through customs again during the transfer: I got the signs mixed up and ended up exiting instead of transfering and since my incoming flight was late I was mooching around (ok running with my heart ready to leap from my chest because I know how hard it is to find a hotel room in Prague at 23:00 and organise the 2nd leg of the journey and also my bag was routed directly to my final destination) in the zone where you get your boarding card. Anyway, I forgot my English upbringing, grabbed on to the French part and barged through the queue for customs until a nice man said my flight is also boarding and came up with a huge smile saying: "we're on the same flight" so that got me calmed down and I stopped barging!
Now, I must mention for those knitters out there in the States who knit on flights, well, it's forbidden to bring knitting needles on board in Europe. I always bring them in my suitcase but that's more for reassurance than actual knitting reality on these trips: listen to the rest of the program...

So got there at one in the morning and tried to sleep but not possible after all that running and airplane noise and airport stress (I hate that moment where everyone's suitcase comes out and you're thinking that maybe some idiot read the label wrong and transfered my suitcase to Brasil or somewhere lovely but actually useless to me standing in Slovakia)... so I watched a few Dr House episodes and then fell asleep at about three. I didn't have to go in early so I went for a chinese meal (pointing and smiling idiotically is my way of communicating in SK) which is pratical because they have numbers instead of names for dishes. Then arriving at the factory I get a hasty hello and the guy runs out mentionning something about having a truck (with my stuff in it) which has got a huge hole in its roof and all the materials are soaking wet!!!!

Turns out my stuff was dry so I started my work... and finished at seven. Next morning, I had to be there at 6 so the ladies from morning shift had all the instructions they needed and it worked out fine.... I however finished at six in the evening and was completely washed out.

My flight was at 4:50 on Saturday morning (yeah and that was my idea stupid idea) and the alarm clock went off at 2:50.... Got on the plane and even though there were loads of free spaces, I did the obedient passenger thing and sat at my designated seat next to a guy. He talked for the whole 90 minutes because he was drunk (decided to sleep first, then party and then get on the plane!) and when the hostess asked him what he would like to drink, he took beer in a can... so on top of the drunken party smell he had, he now added beer breath which is powerful at five in the morning even though he was also gulping down a cheese and pepper (as in green pepper) sandwich.
The rest of the trip was thankfully uneventful and I got to finish my book.

Good news is I've got Monday off as compensation and I've started on sock twin (am about 7 cm on) maybe photos tomorrow... ok definately photos tomorrow