So, after I wrote yesterday, I managed to buckle down to sewing to "bathroom recipient":


It sewed up ok but it's a bit droopy... I vaguely remembered reading about it having to be starched so I got out the instructions (Tricot Facile by Hachette Collections) and how surprised I was to see that they recommend soaking the knitted parts before sewing and drying flat ... this makes perfect sense but, well it's kinda sewn already !!!! They also suggest spraying it with starch... I'd never heard of that. I suppose I should look out for that while food shopping tomorrow (yeah I know, that does mean I couldn't be bothered to go this evening!!).

And here are my first PAIR of socks:


A slight bit blurry but you get the general idea.

I don't know if other knitters get this: I took my socks in to work this morning to show them to a collegue who had shown interest and surprise that I knew how to knit socks. He said he would like to see them so that he could see how they were made. So, I gave him one in hand and the only thing he can think to say is "oh did you get the size wrong, the seem really big or you have big feet?" so I say no, they fit perfectly... and he keeps going on :"are they slippers?". Me being me, that was enough so I took them away from him and closed up about my socks. Are knit-ignorant people always so biased and insensitive ??

I would love to hear about reassuringly similar experiences, it would help!

So, to conclude, that's 2 down and 2 to go (beige gipsy sweater and scarf)... and then cast on something new yeh