I ranted a few weeks ago about a job change, remember ?! So, I got the dream job, the really cool one, the real "step up" one ... yeh yeh yeh... I was sunny and brimming with joy all afternoon (got the news over lunch with futur boss) and generally disrupting people's thinking !!!!
The new job involves quite a bit more work than the one I have now and I'll be going to Germany alot and still Slovakia ... sniff, no more trips to Portugal for me and just as they got a great mall near the hotel !!!

I can't concentrate on knitting this evening ... called my Mum to tell her the good news, she was happy ... so I've blogged my way through knitting world and have made a lovely discovery : Wollmeise is a German company which hand dyes yarn... and sock yarn! and they offer a great new pattern to come out soon called la digitessa. I can't cable yet but I guess I've got to start with something ;-)

I think I will cast on something new after all : arch shaped socks, here are some examples with a second ball of the sock yarn I bought in Paris a month ago.
I know you think I'm weak for casting on a new something. I do too but today is a happy day so I deserve it!

Photos tomorrow certainly because it's a bank holiday in France and so being French we make it a 4 day weekend every year !!!