I messed up the photo so no proof... but I've finished the blue socks!!!

So, now the big question is, what should I cast on now ?
The scarf is finished
All socks are paired up
The bathroom recipient is in use in the bathroom
So, maybe I should be doing the borders for the gipsy pullover?
I also would like to knit some Xmas socks for family and bestest friends (not going to develop on this one sorry) but I think I should wait because I have one of these babies on the way and also an order of sock yarn (enough for 4 pairs) from Stash. Some of the yarn is too fine for my 3,5mm needles. Delicate point is, should I wait and use my new toy or should I make sure I do the socks by deadline just in case I can't work the new toy straight away ??

The great thing about this blog is that I realize how much knitting I actually do and I think that giving my progress to you also enables me!
I spend far too much time looking at all of your blogs though and dreaming about future projects!