As everyone has already said in their blogs, Ravelry is a great tool/community.
It's a great way to organise projects to come, the stash and list all wips or ufos... it puts alot of things in perspective... and then there's the forum and the groups where you can ask for no end of help. The amazing thing is to have such a big community, this means that you ask the question in the right place (which is very easy) and people all over are connected and can answer rapidly. Such an access to yarn world is mind boggling!
So, you might have guessed I am super happy to be in Ravelry !!!

On another happy note, I had a small packet waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home from work. An instant smile type of packet !
My order from Stash Fine Yarns is here.

So, first Regia 6 ply and 4 ply :


They were actually supposed to both be 6 ply but I guess they got them mixed up... never mind, I'll get some smaller sized needles soon!

And there is the handdyed ... my first, such luxury makes me smile wider !


On the left, Moss colourway and on the Right, Spring greens colourway.
I can't wait to start swatching !

In the meantime, I'm trying to be a good girl and knit in Xmas priority, so I've started swatching the Regia 6 ply crazy pink.

Jobwise, I'm doing half and half at the moment and it's getting pretty complicated!!!
Each boss is having trouble accepting I'm not 100% available for their stuff... sharing !!!
Next week, I won't be able to post much, I'll be in Slovakia without internet ... pfff imagine !