... but no place to sit and work !!!

Yup, that"s right, on Friday new boss said on Monday you have to move to our office so I thought yeah right you're not serious but I couldn't really tell if he was or not. So this morning I put my stuff down in old office and went to visit new office and of course new team. I got ahold of new boss and asked "ok then where's this great desk I'm moving to", I at least got a look of half shame half amusement!!!! It was worth it. So looking uncomfortable, he said euh maybe next week!!!

Actually, I mock but it's not easy, he has to move someone else which means another person wants that desk and I can move to his (the third person!!!). So I know where I'll be but guy n°2 doesn't... plus there's some crap about a lady not wanting to have a desk opposite from guy n°2.
I predict big changes of people's location ... to be followed!

I have great knitting results today, only without photos because it's late and I should already be sleeping.
The November socks for my Mum are finished !!! yeh yeh yeh (raindance!)
It wasn't easy : I wore my brain out, suffered alot, the first sock got undone aver portions multiple times BUT I learnt a ton so I'm very happy and I feel I can take on any sock now! In my Ravelry things to do list are several "difficult" socks, jaywalker, monkey but also the new one from Yarnissima.com and the embossed leaves (and if they don't all figure they should!!).
You get a photo tomorrow, yeah something to look forward to ;-)

And also guess what ? I'm staying at home all week and I've got my new loom and I bought new dpns this evening so there'll be lots of new socks sprouting from my stash... hopefully I can get the "to send" xmas gifts done in time. I am putting the ones for people I will actually meet in the flesh first, is that wierd ? cos of the postal delay I mean !!!

So, on the list of xmas socks are still :
My Aunt, my Granny, my Grandfather and maybe my Uncle

The rest of the list (not published because of snoopers on this blog !!!) can wait 'til January. People who don't know I'm plotting a sock delivery cannot get impatient right ?!

OK, enough rambling for one day, good night, sleep tight *moon*