14 octobre 2008

The scarf is fun

The scarf and I are now best friends. This is nothing like last winter's scarf wasteland where I thought I would never get back into something so pretty and pleasant to knit again. Now, let me remind you that this is my first Entrelac knitting, so I am still quite dependant on the instructions for the increasing and decreasing triangles on the sides. It all started out fine, I even wanted to see the effect after blocking so I took my 12 first centimeters to the ironing board and gave the pretty thing a good steam. Then, happy... [Lire la suite]
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11 octobre 2008

An FO, a half FO and a newly cast on project

This has been an intense week. I was in training near Paris for 3 days : had to stay at a hotel with no internet connection (I think I'm addicted!), got to watch a movie in "VO" in the Champs Elysées, that means with no subtitles and the original voices, stumbled upon a Renault exposition and an aeronautical one too, went to have a look at the Renault showroom on the Champs Elysées, tasted real Haagen Daas ice cream from one of their own branches, went to Starbucks to buy an airtight coffee cup (present for boyfriend who... [Lire la suite]
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04 octobre 2008

New book !

I got home on Tuesday evening only to find a great surprise in my letter box. I still haven't had time to sit down with a square of chocolate and a steaming cup of Russian Earl Grey tea, but this will be happening very soon ! This is the book I am so excited to have: More about the content later but just by leafing through it, I think I'm going to love it!!! And a little progress report on the Nutkin sock: I've started the heel section but it's not going so great: I'm supposed to have 32 stitches and even though... [Lire la suite]
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