25 février 2009

Scarf blocking

The sun is out and that gave me the courage to block the scarf: So that's what the set-up looks like... not spectacular but very functionnal. And that's the magic of lace: it reveals itself during the blocking. And the sweater is also coming along nicely: Doesn't look alot different but that's alot of stitches per round/row now. Last count was over 228 ! And a close-up of the pretty pretty cables: They will be more even after blocking as usual.
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24 février 2009

One FO and one new project

Finishing the boyfriend hat gave me the opportunity to get going on the leaf scarf again. I had put everything down to concentrate on getting boyfriend's head warmer. So after a couple of evening curled up on my sofa, here's what happened: That's right, the leaf scarf is finished ! This was a great knit, there's something hypnotic about the pattern. I never got bored and I couldn't put it down. 2 skeins of ShibuiKnits Sock yarn in purple (the colour is actually a number I can't remember)4 mm needlesCast on : Jan 10cast off :... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2009

Ranger hat finished

So, the ranger hat is done !This one was a battle of its' own... the stripeing, the travelling stitches, the decreases at the top because I didn't have a compatible amount of stitches at the top... anyway, it's done and it's pretty but manly and it's warm for boyfriends' ears. Very happy with this.
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10 février 2009


We just found out at work that the following weeks, the place will be closed due to financial difficulties : 9, 13, 17, 21 & 25... Wow, that's alot of knitting time! with no consequences on my pay ... on the plus side.On the minus side, how am I going to get all my work done ?! I am one of the lucky ones, I still have a full plate of work. I also have to take 12 days of holidays + 1 day a month of compensation... I'll be at home more than at work. It'll cost me in heating (I have a timer which cuts the heating just before I... [Lire la suite]
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08 février 2009

Boyfriend's hat

So finally there was a bit of sun and I took a photo of boyfriend's hat. I'm having a tough time deciding when to change colours so it looks random but harmonious.Needles: 5mm circularYarn: Noro Cash Iroha colours 108 and 1Pattern: Ranger Hat by Anni Laine (free Ravelry download) On Saturday evening I went to see an ice hockey match. I actually also went to one 2 Saturdays ago but forgot the camera.My town's team lost by 4 points!!! but still I like the game and the others did play better. Happy Sunday!
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05 février 2009

The forgotten FO

On the 11th Jan, I promised you an FO picture. I forgot all about that promise until I realized I hadn't shown you!!! One Jesse hat:     Quick knit: only 2 days !Needles: 5 mm circsYarn: Dream in Colour ClassyCast on: 10th JanCast off: 11th JanNo modifications. Toasty ears !
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04 février 2009

Knitting update

So today I have an FO... a long time in the making but anyway... Lizzy socks are a now a pair of finished socks. And I even got a sunny picture !!!: DetailsNeedles : Addi turbo 2,5mm circsYarn : Easyknits bamboo mixPattern : Lizzy socks (free Ravelry download)Cast on : 6th DecCast off : 26th JanNo modifications, just made the leg a little longer than intended in the pattern. The lacey scarf hasn't been touched since the last post. I have been trying to make the promised hat for boyfriend and have finally figured out the... [Lire la suite]
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