OK, so the silence has been because of my untidyness or rather my striving to reach tidyness.

I couldn't find my camera cable the other day. So there was not much point in blogging without photos, right?
Well, today I finished something and I baked something. And these things, I wanted to show you.
So I looked high and low (litterally) for this cable, in bags, in my suitcase, under the sofa cushions, under the sofa ... nope.

So, I finally look in the cable box... yes, I do have one for the phone connection type cables etc... and there it was hiding with its' friend the similar cable I try not to put it near. It would seem, I tidied and put the cable in the cable box... pfff this will teach me!

This will probably be a photo heavy post, here goes.


I went to Barcelona on the last weekend of February. If you've never been to Barcelona I recommend it, it has beautiful buildings thanks to Gaudi. Here are some examples:




Yes, I took the pink sock to see the Sagrada Familia... we had fun looking at this complexe unsymetrical cathedral by Gaudi... of course, they now work based on the sketches and mathematical structural instructions left by Gaudi.

I also went to the sea front:


There wa a thermometre just near the lobster that said 19°C... that was on the 26th Feb in the evening. I had a great time visiting the city without my coat all afternoon.

I got to the cuff on the sock in Spain but then couldn't face the braiding and the special ribbing on the plane/bus/ and in the car.

I finished sock 1 at home on my sofa:


So, a couple of busy weeks passed and I finished the second sock alot faster (no fear of the cuff!!!). The pair on my feet:


Just one thing, the second skein of yarn is thicker than the first. So, the second sock is bigger!!! by one cm on the foot and the legs are about the same length because I finally realised the difference in the yarns and fudged a few rows on the cuff.
They do look different though...

This was a successful knit because I have finished it before the next installment of the sock club arrives!!! Yay!!! This is my goal for the sock club; to not fall behind. This also means I should finish more than 6 pairs of socks in 2009.

And today because I keep a dry house in terms of sweet cakey type things, I made some carrot cake:


It's my Granny's recipe from way back, I found it while I was looking for something else and kept a couple of carrots from cooking veggies. As you can see, I didn't wait for it to be cool before attacking it with a knife. It's delicious and crumbly but that's because it's still warm!!!!

That's all for the time, I now have to screw up the courage to continue on the Cable Raglan sweater.