17 mars 2009

A new kitchen toy

I've been wanting to optimise my soup-making with a kniffty mixer type thing and I found it this evening at the supermarket: This should make next weeks' cooking alot faster and make alot less dishes to wash. I'm all for limiting dish washing since I do it by hand. And while I'm at it, this is the square... a few people have been wondering how the stripeing will continue, so here it is! It's about 2/3 now at 14cm. I emailed a bunch of women at work about the Knit-a-Square project and 6 of them answered... [Lire la suite]
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16 mars 2009


I came across a Ravelry group the other day. It's called Knit-a-Square. The people behind the organisation are asking for volontiers to knit 20*20 cm squares in any pattern to send to Africa to be sewn into blankets for children.One of the requests is that the squares be in anything but acrylic as this fibre melts and really burns the skin if subjected to fire. These kids apparently use an open fire, so not a good idea. I sorted through my left-over yarns and I came up with the sock yarns which are 100% wool (does not burn,... [Lire la suite]
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15 mars 2009

My camera cable !

OK, so the silence has been because of my untidyness or rather my striving to reach tidyness. I couldn't find my camera cable the other day. So there was not much point in blogging without photos, right?Well, today I finished something and I baked something. And these things, I wanted to show you.So I looked high and low (litterally) for this cable, in bags, in my suitcase, under the sofa cushions, under the sofa ... nope. So, I finally look in the cable box... yes, I do have one for the phone connection type cables etc... and... [Lire la suite]
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