25 février 2009

Scarf blocking

The sun is out and that gave me the courage to block the scarf: So that's what the set-up looks like... not spectacular but very functionnal. And that's the magic of lace: it reveals itself during the blocking. And the sweater is also coming along nicely: Doesn't look alot different but that's alot of stitches per round/row now. Last count was over 228 ! And a close-up of the pretty pretty cables: They will be more even after blocking as usual.
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24 février 2009

One FO and one new project

Finishing the boyfriend hat gave me the opportunity to get going on the leaf scarf again. I had put everything down to concentrate on getting boyfriend's head warmer. So after a couple of evening curled up on my sofa, here's what happened: That's right, the leaf scarf is finished ! This was a great knit, there's something hypnotic about the pattern. I never got bored and I couldn't put it down. 2 skeins of ShibuiKnits Sock yarn in purple (the colour is actually a number I can't remember)4 mm needlesCast on : Jan 10cast off :... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2009

Ranger hat finished

So, the ranger hat is done !This one was a battle of its' own... the stripeing, the travelling stitches, the decreases at the top because I didn't have a compatible amount of stitches at the top... anyway, it's done and it's pretty but manly and it's warm for boyfriends' ears. Very happy with this.
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11 octobre 2008

An FO, a half FO and a newly cast on project

This has been an intense week. I was in training near Paris for 3 days : had to stay at a hotel with no internet connection (I think I'm addicted!), got to watch a movie in "VO" in the Champs Elysées, that means with no subtitles and the original voices, stumbled upon a Renault exposition and an aeronautical one too, went to have a look at the Renault showroom on the Champs Elysées, tasted real Haagen Daas ice cream from one of their own branches, went to Starbucks to buy an airtight coffee cup (present for boyfriend who... [Lire la suite]
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21 septembre 2008

A weeks worth of knitting

The weekends' weather was glorious and exactly as I like it: Very sunny and cool, that's about 15°C at the moment. Saturday was spent finishing a pair of socks which will leave for their new owner on Monday: And, I had time and space to attack the gipsy sweater, started last september (says Ravelry, very good tool for keeping track of one's procrastination!!!)... I actually gave it a block: I was actually amazed at the result after blocking the knitted parts of the sweater. I started with a sleeve and started out as a... [Lire la suite]
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04 décembre 2007

The promised photo

Here are the November socks : I tried to do upclose ones but they're all blurry...Have I already said, I'm really proud of these ???!!!! Got to go get dressed now, work is waiting...
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18 novembre 2007

Crazy socks washed and drying...

So, just before packing my suitcase and organizing bags for flying off to Slovakia, a quite note to show you these: Yeah, it's been yet another calm knitting weekend, so inbetween drowning in Ravelryness and eating and doing laundry, I set my needles on the Crazy pink 6 ply !Needles : 3,5mm dpns (have you guessed by now, these are the only smallish dpns I own ?!!!)Size : About a UK womens 4 (I hope, this was a bit hit and miss...) And now, I have cast on with the moss colourway handpainted yarn from Fyberspates (see last... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2007

One more FO ! so what do I do now ?!

I messed up the photo so no proof... but I've finished the blue socks!!! So, now the big question is, what should I cast on now ?The scarf is finishedAll socks are paired upThe bathroom recipient is in use in the bathroomSo, maybe I should be doing the borders for the gipsy pullover?I also would like to knit some Xmas socks for family and bestest friends (not going to develop on this one sorry) but I think I should wait because I have one of these babies on the way and also an order of sock yarn (enough for 4 pairs) from Stash.... [Lire la suite]
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11 novembre 2007

Out of wasteland and back into sockland

Hey! This is the second time I'm writing this... I wrote a nice post yesterday but somehow it disappeared when I saved it. So I had the photo but was angry at the technology !!! So, the boring scarf is finished, I am so relieved ! Actually I cheated in a good way on Thursday: I came home for lunch (because my office was freezing 18°C all morning is hard to get warm from, stupid air conditionning/heating system) and put in a good 40 minutes of speed knitting on the scarf. So it was really finished when I said it would be ! I was... [Lire la suite]
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30 octobre 2007

2 yes 2 FOs !!!

So, after I wrote yesterday, I managed to buckle down to sewing to "bathroom recipient": It sewed up ok but it's a bit droopy... I vaguely remembered reading about it having to be starched so I got out the instructions (Tricot Facile by Hachette Collections) and how surprised I was to see that they recommend soaking the knitted parts before sewing and drying flat ... this makes perfect sense but, well it's kinda sewn already !!!! They also suggest spraying it with starch... I'd never heard of that. I suppose I should... [Lire la suite]
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