08 février 2009

Boyfriend's hat

So finally there was a bit of sun and I took a photo of boyfriend's hat. I'm having a tough time deciding when to change colours so it looks random but harmonious.Needles: 5mm circularYarn: Noro Cash Iroha colours 108 and 1Pattern: Ranger Hat by Anni Laine (free Ravelry download) On Saturday evening I went to see an ice hockey match. I actually also went to one 2 Saturdays ago but forgot the camera.My town's team lost by 4 points!!! but still I like the game and the others did play better. Happy Sunday!
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18 janvier 2009

Lacey scarf

On the needles at the moment are : 1/ Lizzy socks, still not done, only a third of the second sock left.2/ The orange cardigan, still comatose... just not interested at the moment.3/ Lacey scarf aka Leaf Scarf by Nerdcoop. She wrote up a beautiful pdf file with the pattern and a great chart but she doesn't feel it's worthy of being put up on Ravelry... I disagree but anyway, this is what it looks like: Yup, those are leaves! It will look alot better when it's had a good pinning down and steam.I reached the halfway point this... [Lire la suite]
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14 octobre 2008

The scarf is fun

The scarf and I are now best friends. This is nothing like last winter's scarf wasteland where I thought I would never get back into something so pretty and pleasant to knit again. Now, let me remind you that this is my first Entrelac knitting, so I am still quite dependant on the instructions for the increasing and decreasing triangles on the sides. It all started out fine, I even wanted to see the effect after blocking so I took my 12 first centimeters to the ironing board and gave the pretty thing a good steam. Then, happy... [Lire la suite]
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15 décembre 2007

Back from the far east !

I'm sorry for the long wait between posts... but you're about to understand how occupied I was. In the correct order : A nice photo (thank you morning sun) of the yarn I received from Jon at Easy Knits This is the best I could do for season spirit (don't put up a tree for just me). Last Friday, I left directly from work to go to Aachen in Germany to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was a weekend thing and we were a group of 16! It was really nice to be with friends for a weekend, we all live in different parts of... [Lire la suite]
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06 décembre 2007

New sock for ... can't remember !

OK, one photo session took place at lunch... I came straight home from work ravenous and knew exactly what I wanted to eat... Took advantage of cooking time to take photos in half-decent light... but totally forgot I'm supposed to buy a book for someone until too late this evening... Never mind I've got great photos for you, well there not blurry, that's something! First, a few details of the November socks (Barcelona socks) by Mona Schmidt:     And the newly cast on sock: These are jaywalker socks,... [Lire la suite]
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25 novembre 2007

At home in my pyjamas !

That's right I am at HOME !!!This week has been crazy : meeting people I didn't expect to meet, sleeping in places I hadn't planned to, doing things I didn't even think I would do... First of all, I took the plane to Kosice on Monday, pretty straightforward in theory! It went fine, have to transfer in Prague, so I used the time to put music into my phone/MP3 which was a success. When I got on the bus that takes us out to the plane (a really small one with propellors!!!), I met 2 people who work for the company I was visiting.... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2007

Plodding along in scarf wasteland

I haven't posted about this yet because it's soooo boring... As the title says, I'm lost in scarf all knit rows wasteland. I've done something like 30 cm from when I took it up again so only another 10-15 to do.I do notice though that I knit really reluctantly when it's not interesting: the scarf is being neglected and I can't find the energy to just attack it and get it over with, the finishings of the gipsy pullover I am dreading (200 stitches wide of 2x2 rib and 2 other strips less wide).But, I may have found a knitting club in... [Lire la suite]
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04 novembre 2007

Hello November !

I just changed the page on my calendar to November... only one page left on it! Have to get me a new one... but I don't know what type I want this year: kittens and puppies, a town (had Ipswich this year) , flowers, a funny one... I just got back from a lovely 2 days with a couple of Friends, the high points were going to the circus (thank god for Ventoline!), going for a 30km bike ride, mostly flat but still a good distance for someone who hasn't been near a bike in I think 5 years and going shopping for shoes and new outfits for... [Lire la suite]
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29 octobre 2007

My knitting with loads of photos

So, today is my Sunday and as it's raining, that gives me the perfect excuse to put food shopping off still tomorrow evening and swimming to tomorrow morning before work... I'm free to think and breath knitting First, sock progress: I put the twin in the photo so no cheating!!!! I've just turned the heel and am about to start circular again. Now, I will show you UFOs or WIPs, whatever you like to call them (UnFinished Objects or Works In Progress). A recipient for bathroom stuff that gets in a bit of a mess (by mess I... [Lire la suite]
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23 octobre 2007

I'm wearing a finished sock ...

... and it's the right size and shape, maybe not quite tight enough to qualify for a shoe wearing sock but feels great on the foot and will be worn in slippers to protect me from my tiled living room floor. And here is a finished sock photo (drum roll) I am very proud of this and am going to cast on the twin this evening before I get stuck with second sock syndrome !!!
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