OK, just a short one with no photos to show you I'm still around and still able to connect... I'm basically travelling far too much with work at the moment to be able to string together a "normal" blogpost.

So, last week I was in Slovakia and didn't knit at all !!! Imagine... It's just the conditions weren't right... Had a good time in the evenings all the same, we went out to eat and found some lovely traditional and local dishes to taste.

Last weekend, I made alot of progress on ruby slipper sock #2. I got to the end of the foot so all I've got left is the toe. It's a quick knit but I'm also having trouble settling down to do it this week in Spain.
Part of the reason for that is I had my Xmas money burning a hole in my pocket and I finally found a shop with a Nintendo DS Lite in stock (they were all sold out with christmas...), I bought it on monday and so yesterday evening I explored the game Anno 1701. It's a civilisation game, so far I'm constructing and developping a medieval village and waiting for my boat to be finished so I can explore another island !!!! All great fun. And of course I also got the brain Train and will start improving my brain's age as of tonight.
I figure the DS with a 15-17 hour battery hold will be my best friend for all of the waiting I do in airports (I remind US and CA readers, if I have any!, that in Europe no knitting needles in airplanes).

So, tonight I'm hoping to finish the toe on the red sock and start the next sock!!! it's neverending!, to have my ship build and sailing and to ... oh no, that's all I want to do ;-)