The scarf and I are now best friends. This is nothing like last winter's scarf wasteland where I thought I would never get back into something so pretty and pleasant to knit again.

Now, let me remind you that this is my first Entrelac knitting, so I am still quite dependant on the instructions for the increasing and decreasing triangles on the sides.

It all started out fine, I even wanted to see the effect after blocking so I took my 12 first centimeters to the ironing board and gave the pretty thing a good steam. Then, happy with it, I continued in a contented haze to add to its' length... Because of the blocking I thought it was not abnormal that the stitches closest to me twist more that the end, but seriously to not notice this ? :


I am however very proud of myself, I just accepted the mistake, put it down to growing experience and just whipped the needles out, took a photo and ripped it back far enough. Very mature ! On a sock, this would have meant serious neglect a couple of months ago.

So now, a very bad picture of how it was on Sunday evening:


I'm amazed at how fast this is going. OK, I had loads of time on Sunday but also this is knit on 5mm needles which helps.